Let’s build a house without a foundation. I’m sure everything will be fine.


Irrespective of your primary goal, be it to enhance your running speed, maximize your strength, improve definition, or any number of other such desires, your ability to maintain your center of gravity is the foundation from which you can soar the furthest towards any ambition. No matter how fit or strong we believe that we are in any given moment, without a formidable foundation, we are inevitably selling ourselves short.
With several of my golfers, while they are phased through balance, strength, and power training over and over again, every one of them improved the distance of their drive without ever lifting a heavy weight. Stabilization is such a vital component of sports performance and ANY and EVERY sound training program.

If you can lift 200 pounds above your head, you are a beast; but if you struggle to balance on one foot with your eyes wide open upon a stable surface, you are missing out on an even bigger and more impressive version of your beast.

So start small… Stand on two feet, close your eyes, and try not to fall. Find your way to the best you, but don’t open the book and begin reading from the middle. Understand the fundamentals and believe that taking the time to refine these seemingly trivial details will open a new door, because it is my guarantee that it will.

With optimal stability comes an enormous potential for maximal strength and power.

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