Your Feet Hate You

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of pain in the foot, particularly in the heel, and is attributable to a lack of adequate ankle dorsiflexion (the ability to lift the foot upwards), extended time on one’s feet, overpronation of the foot (flat feet), a57a93941516c1-1-imagend/or an elevated body mass index.
All of that said, there are a few things you can do to relieve your symptoms and prevent further incidences of pain. See video for demonstration. When performing the trigger-pointing techniques, identify areas of particular discomfort, relax into whatever tool you are using, and hang out for as long as it takes to incite a discernible difference in the severity of the pain. This typically takes anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes. Don’t push beyond that.
Where it concerns stretching, hold each position for 30-45 seconds. Be sure to do both the bent and straight knee version for your calf complex. Regarding the few exercises, start with whatever you can perform without cramping up terribly. Shoot for 20 repetitions.

(If you have flat feet and have managed to escape the potential or perhaps inevitable adverse consequences, consider running through the techniques in this video as a means of early intervention.)

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