What’s that got to do with exercise? #1

We’re a little over a mile from home, sprinting almost frantically in an effort to maintain a great breadth between us and our pursuer, who, from this distance looks like a bear-shaped dinosaur dog that may be a well-intended and gentle giant, but we certainly don’t have any way of knowing, and I am entirely unwilling to slow down and find out, so we continue to hasten our way back home. With the five of them depending solely upon me for their health and well-being, I very rarely leave anything to chance…
So we bound quickly and gracefully over the cracks and potholes that are an enduring inconvenience here in our (sometimes) seemingly quaint but mostly provincial and apple-knocker dwelling corner of the world. I keep glancing backwards over my shoulder intermittently to be sure that the stray isn’t gaining on us. Suddenly, whether because my head is facing 180 degrees in the wrong direction and I’m not carefully examining my terrain or because I simply don’t have the vision to discern with precision the subtle shifts in the road, my foot catches the far end of a hole and I stumble whilst running at full speed (Let us assume this is somewhere around 15mph (okay not really)), but, irrespective of the rapid forward trajectory or the contorted circumstances under which I trip, I am able to get my foot underneath the rest of me and avoid a concrete nosedive.
So… what does that have to do with exercise? Well, apart from my ability to run like a cheetah over a short distance, a beautiful consequence of adequate ankle mobility, particularly calf extensibility and optimal dorsiflexion capacity, I was able to flex my foot back and catch myself rather than tripping over my own toes and diving face first into the pavement, which potentially spared me of broken bones, torn bits, cuts, scrapes, bruises, sadness, and a dog mauling or kissing. Given my rapid recovery in the moment, I’ll never know which denouement would have ensued.

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