About Me

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for the better part of two decades. To say that I love and am passionate about the trajectory of this adventure thus far would both be profound understatements. I’m utterly crazy about the work that I do and devoted unswervingly to the enhancement of the wellness and attainment of the goals of each of my clients. While the breadth and depth of my experience is far-reaching, I am the most intrigued by corrective exercise and sports performance enhancement and the remarkable capacity of what a little guidance where it concerns either can do, so I am inevitably the strongest in these areas. In addition, it is immensely important to me that each individual with whom I work find the path that bears the least resistance as it relates to feeling good about themselves and feeling good in general. No two individuals bear the same mental, emotional, or physical starting point, but everyone, from the outset, possesses a desire to improve and at least some level of belief that, through our mutual efforts, they will. I have never stumbled upon anyone who didn’t bring something powerful and unique to this experience, and each collaboration is truly a joy.


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