What’s that got to do with exercise? #2

I’m making my way into Wal-Mart when a Girl Scout races over all the while shouting “Do you want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?! Do you want to buy some Girl Scout cookies?!” Of course I do, you calculating goblin. Typically, when I stumble upon a cookie-selling  crowd, irrespective of the shape of their intention, I make a mad dash for some semblance of refuge that is entirely out of their field of vision, as I am not above the likes of an unhealthy relationship with food (which is my cryptic way of saying I want to rob the Girl Scouts and eat all of their cookies all at once). Last night, however, as I was politely expressing my no-thank-yous, the little (insert expletive) all but tackles me and goes on to say “but it will help us go to camp.” Read more


You truly are not what you eat. Let’s be honest; if we avoided every food for which there has been any evidence of adverse consequences, we would all starve.
Moreover, we have to be happy about what we are eating in order to be able to perpetuate any particular course over an entire lifetime. Labeling foods as “good” or “bad” and depriving ourselves of simple pleasures does not lend itself well to creating a lifestyle that can be mantained (that is not abjectly miserable) or to true emotional soundness. This is why I don’t advocate extremes in dietary changes. Read more