Scrambled TMJ

Temporamandibular joint syndrome may be attributable to any number of things, including trauma to the teeth or jaw, arthritis, teeth grinding, stress/anxiety, POOR POSTURE, etc., any one or all of which may eventually give way to pain in the jaw, headaches, a clicking or locking when opening or closing the mouth, shoulder pain, and a number of other unfavorable symptoms. That said, in most cases, a home treatment regimen is often an effective course, so let’s look at the corrective posture techniques piece of your home remedy and address a few of the trigger points and shortened muscles that may be referring pain into your jaw. Read more

The Process

I wake up at 3:15 in the morning and have coffee whilst brainstorming and jotting down ideas. I consider the musculoskeletal impairments, goals, and particular phase(s) associated with each of my clients over the next several days, which inevitably leads to planning and testing, and I subsequently bring some variation of that process to all of you. Here’s an example of me planning my time with you sans cosmetics and civilian clothing. Your trainer, before the ideas resemble any degree of organization, uncut.  Read more

Shoulder Impingement: The You-Broke-It-You-Fix-It Approach

Shoulder impingement is a dynamic condition that “occurs when the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles become irritated and inflamed as they pass through the subacromial space, the passage beneath the acromion. This can result in pain, weakness, and loss of mobility around the shoulder.”

Shoulder pain is a commonly reported issue amid both athletes and the general population with reported incidences in the latter occurring in up to 21%. Read more

Your Feet Hate You

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of pain in the foot, particularly in the heel, and is attributable to a lack of adequate ankle dorsiflexion (the ability to lift the foot upwards), extended time on one’s feet, overpronation of the foot (flat feet), a57a93941516c1-1-imagend/or an elevated body mass index.
All of that said, there are a few things you can do to relieve your symptoms and prevent further incidences of pain. See video for demonstration. Read more