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Exceed your goals and expectations with a functional training experience unlike any other in classes with motivated individuals and passionate instructors. Never do the same workout twice.


Exhale Yoga (60 minutes)

Learn to command your body within and without in a yoga-based class that takes you on a journey to the greatest depths of yourself. Improve mobility, flexibility, intrinsic core strength, and overall stability. This class with invigorate your body and relax your mind.

Mondays at 10:15am & Thursdays at 8am


Equipment: blocks, dumbbells, straps


Senior Strong (50 minutes)

Move better. Enhance longevity. Reduce/eliminate pain. In this corrective exercise class, we will work together to add years to your life. Whether you are fighting scoliosis, sciatica, spondylosis, headaches, post-operative pains and weaknesses, bum knees, shoulders, hips, or back.. or you simply wish to get strong, this is the class for you!

Tuesday & Thursday at 4pm


Equipment: Dumbells, stability balls, BOSUs, suspension trainers, medicine balls, resistance bands, ETC!


Nuclear Blast (50 minutes)

Not your average ab class. Whether your goal is to rock a six-pack or rid yourself of persistent back pain, this is the class for you. Come in and build a strong core from the inside out.

Tuesday at 5pm


Equipment: Mini bands, BOSUs, stability balls, suspension trainers, kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, battle ropes,


AW Fusion (60 minutes)

Train smart. Build strength, endurance, and power in this high-intensity class designed to turn individuals at any and all levels of fitness into athletes. Appropriate for all fitness goals including, but certainly not limited to, weight loss/maintenance, toning, improved cardio-respiratory fitness, balance, stabilization, and sports performance.

Friday at 5pm


Equipment: Mini-bands, agility-ladders, battle ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, rip trainers, suspension trainers, BOSUs, plyo boxes, etc.


Golf-Ex (60 minutes)

This class will improve all aspects of your golf game by addressing posture and range-of-motion deficits, enhancing overall strength, stability, and power, and progressing golfers systematically through sport-specific exercises with the ultimate goal of improving head speed and maximizing driving distance, decreasing trajectory errors and lowering overall scores, as well as reducing the risk for injury.


Mondays at 6pm


Equipment: Mini-bands, BOSUs, dowel rods, golf clubs, kettle bells, dumbbells, battle ropes, medicine balls, stability balls, etc.