Devin is an extraordinary personal physical trainer, and makes each workout challenging, creative and fun! She places a high value on correct form with each exercise and is very encouraging. She pushes me past my perceived limits to get results, and because of her efforts, I am stronger, have better balance and am more flexible. She is an outstanding master of her craft; incredibly brilliant with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; she is extremely reliable and punctual – always sets up and ready to start training immediately with an exercise routine planned. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Devin will lead you every step of the way.

Rokhshie Malone


My wife and I are in our 70s and have been in training with Devin Austin for 3 years. She also trains my 2 daughters and a handicapped granddaughter. My wife and I train twice a week. Devin has an encyclopedic knowledge of the human body. If it hurts, she can usually tell you why and show you how to fix it. She has many specialty certifications and the one she uses most with us is “corrective exercise”. She tailors our 1-hour workouts to our needs which include strengthening muscles that have fallen into disuse, stretching, correcting posture and even refining the way we stand and walk. One of the biggest bonus’ for us has been balance. We are convinced that our training has prevented us from falling many times over, and we feel physically younger than we did 5 years ago.

Jerry Tate

Pilot, Photographer

I have been a “healthy” eater for all of my life; yet, I have always been slightly overweight. Devin solved my problem. Continue to eat the foods that you love but in proper portions. She provided an appropriate daily caloric range. The result was a steady weight loss that ultimately gave way to a manageable lifestyle and weight. In addition, Devin helped me to overcome my rounded back that is attributable, in part, to scoliosis, strengthen and stabilize my ankle that had been shattered in an accident, and do the same for my knee post repair after a torn meniscus. Devin challenges my balance, stability, and strength in every session, all of which have given way to a fuller life.

Judy Lee

The Wood Gallery

Since training with Devin, I have lost six inches in my waist and have returned to my normal weight. It feels great to have a body that is toned again and to have greater strength and better balance than I’ve had in ages.

Beverly Dossett

Dossett Dental

After battling cancer all my life I had a lot of metabolic problems and issues that I thought were unfixable. Being healthy felt like an insurmountable task and my idea of a personal trainer was someone who was going to push me to unrealistic goals. Devin completely changed my perception. She helped me, not through big lifestyle choices but with little changes to make my quality of life better. Devin helped me to understand that it’s not about cutting out the things you love or exercising for hours every day, it’s about being a healthy person. Devin never makes me feel uncomfortable, she is always inviting and supportive. Devin is more than just a personal trainer because she makes an effort to get to know and understand you.

Madison McWilliams

20, Student

After 60, things began to creak more and didn’t feel as good as they used to. I was slower and had far less energy. After 9 knee surgeries, it became harder to work out in the yard or even to simply walk around. I wanted to feel better, move better, and feel good about traveling. After 2 years training with Devin, I have gotten everything I wanted. I have flexibility , core strength, and balance. I travel without worrying about falling or injuring myself. I can bend, stoop, and lift anything that needs lifting, and I feel great. Devin’s understanding of anatomy and how the body works is amazing. Her training style and encouragement have completely changed how I see my future and what I am capable of. Thanks Devin!

Dr. Ann


Devin has made the sort of positive change in my life that I wish for everyone. When I met Devin, I had a torn ACL, so playing with the grandkids, walking on a tour, climbing the steps of a 17th century church, or simply cooking dinner for my family all became too painful to enjoy. Doctors had given me one option- surgery. I, instead, decided to give Devin a chance, which is a decision that has left me moving about life as if I were 30 years younger.

Carolyn Thacker

Wife, Mother, Pie Wizard, Accountant

Devin has trained me for several years. My job as a maid (obsessive compulsive specialist) has taken a toll on my body owing to poor posture and repetitive motions. I know beyond doubt that I could not continue daily at equal measure without her help. She genuinely cares and has the knowledge and passion to propel you to the best you!! She has the ability to make workouts interesting, fun, challenging, and like nothing else you have ever experienced. I am so thankful to be a client.

Paula Morgan


I was always clueless in a gym setting and truly hated all of the machines! I have worked with several other fitness trainers before … and Devin is simply the best. She takes the time to understand my needs and tailors her approach accordingly. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and able to customize workouts on the spur of the moment whether (in my case) low energy, unrelated injuries, or too much travel. I highly recommend training with Devin to anyone who is looking to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

Janet Erwin


I am not a physical person, nor do I enjoy the rigors of working out and a daily scheduled exercise routine. I’d much rather shop, cook, dine out, or, quite frankly, give birth to quintuplets on any given day. Having decided to commit to two days a week of training, I felt that I should at least try to show some enthusiasm to the most perfect little trainer whom I was sure was the off spring of the marquis de Sade, had never struggled a day in her life with a figure or beauty issue- my expectations were, well modest at best! I began my journey with a sloped spine, a pooched stomach, and my head bent so my shoulders were seemingly in a constant rounded position. I had no idea! Except I didn’t have energy, and I didn’t look good. About my 4th week, I began to become aware of my stance. My pain points were disappearing, and my little marquis de Sade actually had a true and deep regard and knowledge for my issues, my bone structure. How I was formed. What I needed to do to correct my specific body concerns. What??-someone who pays attention to you specifically? She’s more like a physical therapist and a personal trainer all wrapped into one. Unheard of. It’s been quite some time now. I consider Devin Austin not only an amazing professional, but someone who is intensely concerned with the welfare of each client individually. Each exercise is designed specifically with you in mind. Each weight you lift is for your size. She works and designs each program to accomplish a specific goal. For you. She cares about you. I have improved posture, improved mobility, I have great energy, I wake up without soreness in my hips; and most of all, I have a new limberness – so much the better to enjoy my grandchildren. My life. I can do things now without thinking, “no, that’s going to hurt.” Thank you, Devin. I highly recommend Your training to everyone. You’re amazing.

Sue Fry


I love being active and playing golf but I suffered a neck injury many years ago snow skiing and was limited on what I could do. My muscles in my neck were so tight that I had limited mobility and just accepted my situation, but after I worked with Devin that all changed. Devin has worked with me on my neck mobility, and I am so impressed with what I have been able to accomplish and not having any neck issues since working with her. I also have improved my golf game by being able to have a stronger and longer drive. She helps you to focus on what areas you want to improve. Devin is also a great person with great values and it is a pleasure to know her. I recommend her to my friends and I feel she has a gift at what she is able to accomplish with her clients.

Lanette Ainsworth