Terms and Conditions

  • There are no refunds. In the event that there is a technical issue on my end, I will issue a promo code for viewers enabling access to a make-up session for the following week.
  • The session is 30 minutes long, but I have set the duration for 40 minutes to allow for viewers to access it early and to avoid my being cutoff in the event that I run over. You are paying for the event, not a specific number of minutes. Each stream is a new event.
  • We will run through a dynamic warm-up, but self-myofascial release and stretching  or addressing any posture distortions is otherwise up to you to do in advance.
  • The exercises are not always safe for everyone, but I make a concerted go of demonstrating appropriate regressions and progressions to accommodate all levels of fitness and so that you have the opportunity to make it as easy or as challenging as you need or would like.
  • The stream will be active beginning five minutes prior to each session. It is my recommendation that you access it early so as not to miss anything. If you have a promo code, you must still click on the button to pay. You will be asked for your code on the following page and will be given the option to purchase multiple sessions.
  • I cannot see you. This is not like Skype or FaceTime. I am giving you access to my camera. The reverse is not the case.
  • I, like all of you, am a human being with posture distortions and movement compensations just like anyone else. I will always walk you through precisely how an exercise ought to be felt and performed, but I am fallible and may, once in a blue moon and however unlikely, have imperfect form myself… or stumble.. or fall over. Let us hope that lattermost one never actually occurs, but, in the event that it does, for those of you who’ve the burning desire to point this out to the world, there is a special comment section somewhere on the live page just for you. More sincerely, I welcome all varieties of feedback, both good and bad, and am entirely open to learning the ways in which I can improve and those bits of the sessions that you all love or hate. Tell all.
  • I highly recommend mini-bands for Thursdays!!